REMO – Real time 3D graphics tool

REMO is a robust graphics engine which converts and displays CG contents made in 3D packages such as Autodesk 3D Studio Max into real time interactive 3D graphics.

SmartCollision – Real time high speed collision detection engine

SmartCollision – supports efficient collision detection for scenes composed of polygon objects. Rather than using a voxel representation of the scene SmartCollision – supports polyhedron geometry in order to provide collision detection of polygon-based models at interactive speeds.

3D Systems Haptic Devices

3D Systems Haptic devices provide true three-dimensional input with the added effect of force feedback, simulating a sense of touch and interaction with virtual objects. 3DOF and 6DOF (Degrees of Freedom) models are available. They can accurately track 3D spatial position (XYZ axes) and orientation (pitch, roll, yaw) of handheld stylus. Motors are used to create the forces that resist the user’s movement to simulate interaction with virtual objects.