Graphical development for Automotive Displays

Real-time 3D solutions for embedded automotive systems based on ‘REMO ES’ and automotive graphics display controller (GDC).

Application development for smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android)

Applications for smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android) using real-time 3D rendering engines such as REMO and Unity.

Image Processing and Recognition systems

Real world object detection systems which detect, track, and reconstruct 3D objects from camera data via image processing and recognition algorithms. We also develop various applications using open source tools like OpenCV and ARtoolKit.

Medical Diagnostic Imaging and Treatment Support Software

We offer advanced medical technology solutions using cutting edge visualization and virtual reality technologies. These solutions help medical experts achieve even higher levels of dexterity.

Content Creation

We create high quality CG assets for various applications and platforms. For example, assets used in real time rendering engines like REMO and Unity. We also create assets for use in augmented reality (AR) applications such as ARToolKit and Vuforia. Likewise we also create standard pre-rendered assets for use in 3D packages such as Autodesk 3ds Max.